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Tips For Hiring The Right Landscaping Company

Professional landscaping plans for house in Durham, NC
Landscaping firms like Leisure Landscapes can help you come up with some great designs.

So, you want some landscaping work done at your property in Durham, and you think you have found a trustworthy and reliable company for the job, like Leisure Landscapes of Durham, NC. Well, even so, you may want to ascertain your decision by going through these few steps.

Here’s a quick guide on hiring the ideal landscaping company:

Get Detailed Quotes

Never agree to verbal or through the phone quotes. Every landscaping project is different, and so, the contractor should visit your premises to assess the scope of the work. Also, the estimate should be in writing with a detailed breakdown of everything they will do and the cost of every material and labor.

You need to know how much you will be spending and an estimated time frame of the project. You might not have access to certain parts of your property for an extended period, and so, you’ll want to be able to plan accordingly.

Ask for Examples of Their Past Projects

Before you hire any local landscaping company, ask them about their previous projects. A competent company should have an array of pictures to show you. Pay attention to their set up, preferred theme as well as their style. Does the style fit you? Do you find their work appealing? Keep in mind that beauty is the eye of the beholder and so, you’ll want to ensure that the contractor sees the same final results as you do.

Are Your Expectations in Line with Each Other?

It is a good idea to show the contractor pictures of what you expect from them. You can get them from magazines or download them from the web. Show them to the landscaper and insist that the final results should be as close to them as possible.

Also, ensure that the landscaping company you intend to hire will be able to provide what you are after. Have them guarantee or reassure that they can. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your dream front or back yard, only to be disappointed with the outcome.


It is also imperative that you get the company to give you at least three references and ask to see their BBB rating. Even though no one does this, you may want to contact them and inquire about their experience with the company. If possible, visit their premises and take a look at the landscape. If the job is remarkable and the company did not hesitate to give the references, then you’ll be making the right decision.

The Payment Terms

Never agree to pay all the money at the start. It’s okay to give a down payment of 20 or 30 percent of the total amount, but paying more than that even before work would be utterly foolish.

Agree to pay in stages, like Irish landscaping companies do. Depending on the scope of your project, there might be four or five stages. As the contractors complete a stage of the job, you write them a check. When everything is done, and you’re fully satisfied with the results, write them the final check.

Lastly, ensure that you have a written contract that mentions everything regarding the project in detail. A contract will save you a lot, should there be some misunderstanding along the way.